June 28, 2007

Phone Sex

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No I will not have phone sew with you, I just found this awesome video and wanted to share it with you. =) Its like an internet commercial for this site YouMail.


June 27, 2007

New to the whole Blog thing…

Posted in Stephanie at 9:18 pm by phannypants

Hello everyone, hmm… I have no idea what to talk about…  I guess i can start by giving everyone a few warnings.

Warning Number 1

I can’t spell and my punctuation is almost always way off.  So if you are an anal straight “A” English student (like my wonderful boyfriend) who can’t get past misspelled words and bad punctuation, this blog is not for you. 

Warning Number 2

There are times when I just feel like writing not really about any specific topic or for any specific reason but just for the sake of writing and I am sorry but tends to lead to me either ramble on and on or me repeating myself.

And last but not least Warning Number 3

I am random, inconsistent and forgetful so there will probably be days were I will not post any thing new and there will be times when I will post things completely out of the ordinary.

f you are not willing to be patient with me and deal with the warnings I have given you than you should really move your cursor to the top right hand corner and press the red “x” button.

OH WAIT!! I forgot one… =) I am very repetitive… So if that’s a problem…. you know what to do.

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