July 2, 2007

In My Opinion…

Posted in Odds and Ends at 9:43 pm by phannypants

 I was attempting to find a picture of three Mexicans roasting there asses off in an old beat up Chevy truck to help describe my weekend but instead I stumbled across this…18.jpg

and it just pissed me off.

 I don’t give a flying rats ass what race you are, if you came here illegally you are illegal hence the word illegally. Fucking retards.

 I had this little old lady for an English teacher my senior year of high school who gave out a lot of great advice that everyone took home but she  had more balls than any man I have ever met.  She stood in front of a class room filled with Hispanic kids (I don’t mean the average Hispanic kid that can not understand English, I mean the type of kids who couldn’t get by in a regular school, the ones you stepped off the sidewalk because you are afraid of them attacking you.) and voiced her opinion. Her words were “If the dirty filthy ILLIGAL Mexicans won’t leave we have to do something about it.”

  The key word in that phrase is ILLIGAL which is what many people are forgetting or not even taking the time to understand.  It does not matter where you are born or what color you are we Americans (Now when I say American I don’t mean “white” I mean black, Hispanic, Asian, white, etc..) accept any and all races; sure some of us are racist, mean, cruel, naive, stupid…. You name it I am sure someone in America can match the description but one thing we are not is illegal, but we are not ILLIGAL. There are plenty of people who crossed the Mexican border or arrived on ship, or airplane that became legal the right way, and even they are upset at how stupid the Hispanic race is being and if they think for a second that the U.S is depended on them they can take a walk because they are sadly mistaken.  

One other thing that makes me even more mad about this whole ordeal is the fat that about 75% of the kids that did protest had the slightest idea about what they were doing. They did it to get out of school. … grrr … I know I am a year late on this topic but I really had to put my two sense in… and tell you fucking fags to just become legal already … for fucks sake


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