June 28, 2007

When you just know =)

Posted in My Relationship at 7:25 pm by phannypants

When I was about ten years old, I asked my mom how she knew she loved my dad and her response was very simple and straight to the point. “I just knew.” The prase, “I just knew,”  meant nothing to me since I was only ten and had no concept of what love meant, but it always stuck with me and with each new boyfriend I waited for that ” I just knew feeling,” but always walked away just as confused.

When I first met Clint it was not the normal “Oh he is cute feeling,” it was the“I just knew” feeling,  At the time I already had a boyfriend and was being stabbed in the skin above my belly button with a needle (Clint *who is a body piercer* was piercing my belly button) so I really didn’t put much thought into it, but boy did he keep my mind of the pain. 😉

After we met we really didn’t have any reason to see a lot of each other except for the occasional phone call or random person I would bring over wanting a piercing, but we always seemed to stay in touch one way or another. After a couple of months we eventually just started hanging out for the sake of hanging out. Unfortunately we started really hanging out about a month before he had to leave for his trip around the world.

He was doing a semester at sea  program for school and was going to be gone for about three to four months, which was very exciting on his end and crummy on mine. He very quickly became a great friend and someone I enjoyed hanging out with more than my own best friend so I already knew it was going to be hard to not miss. The part that really sucked was that I already had someone to miss. My boyfriend.

A month prior to him arrival home I called his mom to ask if it was ok throw a welcome home party for him and she said yes. So I immediately got on Myspace (Everyone has one get over it) and contacted any and all of his friends…. No one showed up hahah. So when Clint finally made it home from his long and eventull voiyage I was there waiting for him.

Soon after Clint’s arrival home my boyfriend and I broke up ( go figure) and Clint and I hooked up =) **January 1,  2007** We have been living together since the 8th of April and it has been nothing but that “I just knew” feeling.



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