July 24, 2007

Beer Belly Competition

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Manuel Uribe, tipping the scales at 560 kilograms (1,234 pounds) and seen here at his home in 2006, will be listed as the world’s fattest man by the Guinness Book of Records, while a loss of 200 kilos (440 pounds) may make him the man who lost the most weight.



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MASONVILLE, Colo. – Zoey is a Chihuahua, but when a rattlesnake lunged at her owners’ 1-year-old grandson, she was a real bulldog.

Booker West was splashing his hands in a birdbath in his grandparents’ northern Colorado back yard when the snake slithered up to the toddler, rattled and struck. Five-pound Zoey jumped in the way and took the bites.

“She got in between Booker and the snake, and that’s when I heard her yipe,” said Monty Long, the boy’s grandfather.

The dog required treatment and for a time it appeared she might not survive. Now she prances about.

“These little bitty dogs, they just don’t really get credit,” Booker’s grandma Denise Long told the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald.

Tiger cubs play with rabbits at a zoo in Wenling.

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Tiger cubs play with rabbits at a zoo in Wenling, east China’s Zhejian Province July 21, 2007. The rabbit, which did not get harmed by the cub, was playing nearby before entering the tigers’ cage. It is the first time zoo staff have witnessed such an occurrence, local media reported. -REUTERS/China Daily (CHINA) CHINA OUT-

She is 21 and is only acting her age!

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Lohan arrested for drunken driving


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) –

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in the Los Angeles area early on Tuesday on suspicion of drunken driving and cocaine possession, just days after she completed a 45-day rehabilitation program, authorities said.

The 21-year-old star of “Mean Girls” — already facing a drunken-driving charge following a car crash in Beverly Hills two months ago — was pulled over in the coastal city of Santa Monica shortly after midnight.

Police said they had received a report of a car chase and that Lohan and two companions were in the pursuing vehicle. A police spokesman said he believed the people in the two cars knew each other.

Lohan was taken into custody after failing a field sobriety test. Police said she registered a blood-alcohol level of about 0.12, well above the California limit of 0.08.

Lohan was booked on suspicion of drunken driving, possession of cocaine, bringing a controlled substance into custody and driving on a suspended license.

She was released after posting a $25,000 bond, a police spokesman said.

Just last Friday, Lohan turned herself in to Beverly Hills police to face charges of drunken driving in connection with a May 26 car crash.

In that case, she lost control of her Mercedes-Benz sports car and drove into a hedge. She then left the scene. Police said at the time they also found a small amount of what they believed to be cocaine in the car.

The incident followed months of hard partying by the actress, who had been a regular at Hollywood nightspots and attending Alcoholics Anonymous programs for a year despite having turned 21 — the legal age for drinking in the United States — only this month.

Immediately after the crash in May, Lohan checked herself into a Malibu rehab center for the second time in a year. She left earlier this month and now wears an alcohol monitoring bracelet on a voluntary basis, her spokeswoman said.

Now that you have heared the story I can tell you why i am posting this article in my blog.

There were alot of very nast comments left under this  article in my Yahoo account and it really upset me. Not becuase lindsey is famouse or becuase she and i are nearly the same age but because she is  human and that people tend to forget that they pull the same shit.  I am 19 years old and can proudly say I have never done drugs and I  have never gotten behind the wheel while being intoxicated but I know a lot of people who have done both at the same time and they  are my age if not a year or two younger.  Lindsey should be repremanded for her behavior as should any person famous or not should be but it does not give the public the right to wish she would get in car accident and die or become homeless.  

July 2, 2007

In My Opinion…

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 I was attempting to find a picture of three Mexicans roasting there asses off in an old beat up Chevy truck to help describe my weekend but instead I stumbled across this…18.jpg

and it just pissed me off.

 I don’t give a flying rats ass what race you are, if you came here illegally you are illegal hence the word illegally. Fucking retards.

 I had this little old lady for an English teacher my senior year of high school who gave out a lot of great advice that everyone took home but she  had more balls than any man I have ever met.  She stood in front of a class room filled with Hispanic kids (I don’t mean the average Hispanic kid that can not understand English, I mean the type of kids who couldn’t get by in a regular school, the ones you stepped off the sidewalk because you are afraid of them attacking you.) and voiced her opinion. Her words were “If the dirty filthy ILLIGAL Mexicans won’t leave we have to do something about it.”

  The key word in that phrase is ILLIGAL which is what many people are forgetting or not even taking the time to understand.  It does not matter where you are born or what color you are we Americans (Now when I say American I don’t mean “white” I mean black, Hispanic, Asian, white, etc..) accept any and all races; sure some of us are racist, mean, cruel, naive, stupid…. You name it I am sure someone in America can match the description but one thing we are not is illegal, but we are not ILLIGAL. There are plenty of people who crossed the Mexican border or arrived on ship, or airplane that became legal the right way, and even they are upset at how stupid the Hispanic race is being and if they think for a second that the U.S is depended on them they can take a walk because they are sadly mistaken.  

One other thing that makes me even more mad about this whole ordeal is the fat that about 75% of the kids that did protest had the slightest idea about what they were doing. They did it to get out of school. … grrr … I know I am a year late on this topic but I really had to put my two sense in… and tell you fucking fags to just become legal already … for fucks sake

A Few Things To Keep You Busy While At Work.

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Try to find the odd elephant out.


Now, do the same things with the zebras…


June 29, 2007

We have all heared of Sleep walking but what about Sleep sex?

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If you think it’s impossible to have sex while you sleep, think again, according to a new study.

There are at least 11 different sex-related sleep disorders, collectively referred to as “sexsomnia” or “sleepsex,” that affect people who are otherwise psychologically healthy—causing them to unknowingly engage in various sexual activities during the night.

Carlos Schenck, a psychiatrist at the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center, and his colleagues have studied a number of behavioral disorders associated with sleep.

“Any basic instinct can come out in the context of sleep,” Schenck says. “All sorts of things can happen.” Recently, he and his colleagues turned their focus to sex-related sleep disorders. They conducted computerized medical literature searches for studies published between 1950 and 2006 related to sleep and sexual behavior and looked through a number of sleep medicine textbooks. They also analyzed data from a previously completed internet survey that had gathered data from 219 people, 92 percent of whom had experienced multiple “sexsomnia” episodes.

Among other things, they found that people—mostly men—sometimes masturbate, initiate sex with a partner and reach orgasm during sleep. They usually have no memory of these activities when they wake up, learning about them only if a partner or roommate tells them.

Some of these activities can also have legal consequences, such as if someone initiates sex without a bed partner’s consent, noted Schenck.

People are at-risk for developing sex-related sleep disorders when they also tend to suffer from other sleep disorders—such as sleepwalking or sleep terrors, according to Schenck. “Sexsomnia doesn’t come out of nowhere,” he said. But “for whatever reason, sexual behaviors become part of the repertoire.”

While people might feel ashamed to learn from their partners that they are exhibiting these behaviors while they sleep, these disorders are not indicative of psychological problems, noted Schenck, whose recently published book, Sleep: The Mysteries, The Problems, and The Solutions, has a chapter devoted to sex-related problems. “Bizarre and inappropriate behavior during sleep does not necessarily reflect a daytime psychological problem.”

And “sexsomnia” disorders are easily treated with medication, he added.

If anything, people who become aware of their problem but don’t seek help put themselves at an even greater risk. “The longer you go with this problem without getting it treated, the more you can then develop a secondary psychological problem,” such as depression, said Schenck, whose study is published this week in the journal Sleep.

Wet Dreams

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I went to bed really early last night because I had to get up really early this morning but when I went to bed I was some what sexually aroused. At the time it was no big deal…but oh my god!! It has turned into being a VERY big deal.


 I woke up this morning unbelievably horny (I hate that word; I think it’s an an ugly description of what that feeling represents). In fact to be completely honest, I woke up twice before I actually had to get up this morning. The first time I woke up, it was about one in the morning and the first thought that popped into my head was… ” I wonder if he would get mad if I woke him up,” now  I have raped him in his sleep before and he has never ever complained but I know for a fact he went to bed late and he has to get up early for a LONG day at work.  So I decided against this very tempting idea and went back to bed. I then woke up a second time about an hour before I actually had to get up for work thinking the same thought, ” I wonder If he will get mad if I wake him up,” Only this time it has grown into an even bigger temptation then it was before which means it was even harder to decide against it, but I bit my lip like a trooper and shoved my head into a pillow and made my very aroused self go back to sleep. 


 I think what made this whole ordeal even harder is he was sleeping right next to me, I could have taken advantage of him right then and there but I didn’t. I let him sleep because I knew he was going to have a very long day ahead of him and I didn’t want him to be tired and worn out.  =) So here I am sitting at work thinking about all the fun things I am going to do to him when he and I get home and we are alone.  **Tehehe**

June 28, 2007

They Have To Be Karmasutra Experts!!.

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Ok, so here you have two people (both male and female so i am not considered sexist or any thing) who have to be the champions at the game twister.


My real question is if one contortionist married another contotionist, would they spend all their time working on new positions?


When you just know =)

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When I was about ten years old, I asked my mom how she knew she loved my dad and her response was very simple and straight to the point. “I just knew.” The prase, “I just knew,”  meant nothing to me since I was only ten and had no concept of what love meant, but it always stuck with me and with each new boyfriend I waited for that ” I just knew feeling,” but always walked away just as confused.

When I first met Clint it was not the normal “Oh he is cute feeling,” it was the“I just knew” feeling,  At the time I already had a boyfriend and was being stabbed in the skin above my belly button with a needle (Clint *who is a body piercer* was piercing my belly button) so I really didn’t put much thought into it, but boy did he keep my mind of the pain. 😉

After we met we really didn’t have any reason to see a lot of each other except for the occasional phone call or random person I would bring over wanting a piercing, but we always seemed to stay in touch one way or another. After a couple of months we eventually just started hanging out for the sake of hanging out. Unfortunately we started really hanging out about a month before he had to leave for his trip around the world.

He was doing a semester at sea  program for school and was going to be gone for about three to four months, which was very exciting on his end and crummy on mine. He very quickly became a great friend and someone I enjoyed hanging out with more than my own best friend so I already knew it was going to be hard to not miss. The part that really sucked was that I already had someone to miss. My boyfriend.

A month prior to him arrival home I called his mom to ask if it was ok throw a welcome home party for him and she said yes. So I immediately got on Myspace (Everyone has one get over it) and contacted any and all of his friends…. No one showed up hahah. So when Clint finally made it home from his long and eventull voiyage I was there waiting for him.

Soon after Clint’s arrival home my boyfriend and I broke up ( go figure) and Clint and I hooked up =) **January 1,  2007** We have been living together since the 8th of April and it has been nothing but that “I just knew” feeling.


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